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    Who we are?

    Some say we are a freelance web and graphic designer able to turn a pile of loose electrons into a fully operating and styled website. The truth is not far off. Trajkovski Code and Design is a Macedonian based freelance team that does Web Design, Web Development, Corporate Identity and Graphic Design, and we help people to start and finish their online projects and achieve their Internet goals.

    Where can we help?

    Many people venturing onto the Internet find themselves getting stuck at some point. Stuck getting a website started, finished or improved, getting certain parts of their online venture completed, not knowing where to go to get the help they need, or you simply need help with a web project, this is where we step in.

    Why freelancers?

    Web freelancers are there to deliver the best of all worlds to people looking to head online. You do not have to pay them sick leave or holiday pay, they work quickly, and if you choose someone local, it is possible to build up an ongoing relationship with them. Freelancers do not charge BIG agency fees so they are also competitive in their rates. We are web freelancers because of all the advantages it offers us. We meet loads of great, interesting people, have a variety of projects to keep life interesting and get to test our skills across many different technologies. It is not the life for everyone - but we enjoy it.

  • Portfolio

    • Sofa Studio
    • Gorila Production
    • Dr. Nina dental practice
    • Michelin Macedonia
    • ORL Congress 2012
    • Gorila Production
    • Memo - Graphic Design Studio
    • Great Wall Motors Macedonia
    • Beta Medico
    • .
    • Vesna Tours
    • Attorney office
    • Fail.mk
    • Sofa Studiio - furniture designers
    • Skopje Cheap Hotels
    • Dr. Blagoevski dental practice
    • Book publishers - Kaprikornus
    • Laboratory Asklepios
    • Andropromet - furniture retail store
    • Sipad - furniture retail store
    • Restaurant Kibo
    • Neodent dental practice

    We are happy to make a quotation based on your own data. We will provide you with the output needed to agree upon the overall goals of your project. Or you can see a roughly rounded pricelist based on an average estimation, here(МК).

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    Boulevard Asnom 23, 1000 Skopje

    Pelister 29, 7000 Bitola

    Cell 2:076/770-771
    email: admin@trajkovskicnd.com

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